BKS LIVE – Virtual Classes

Virtual Classes are currently being offered via Zoom. Enroll by selecting the register link for the class you are interested in. We offer the following types of Virtual Classes:

  • Virtual Master Classes – one time Master Classes are offered on a periodic basis
  • Virtual Group Classes – these classes take place once a week for a monthly fee (from September through May each year). They are the same as our in studio classes but streamed for our virtual students on Zoom. Options include individual classes or our Virtual Unlimited Plan which provides all streamed classes in that student’s age group for a discounted rate.

Get started with Zoom:

Zoom is a free app/online download. If you’d like to use your phone or tablet you can download the app through your Google Playstore or Apple App Store. If you are using your computer, you can download here: https://zoom.us/signup.

You will need to have this app in order to participate in the class. This allows everyone to see each other and the teacher to answer any questions you have.

If you are not a current student – please select a class listing below to register as a student.

Once registered, you can join the class simply by clicking in the meeting ID in the customer portal. That tab will log you right in to the class (or waiting room if you’re a few minutes early). If you are having issues accessing the class feel free to email us at info@broadwaykidsstudio.com. Only students registered and paid for the class will be admitted into each class.

Suggestions For Best Virtual Class Experience:

  • Setup in a bedroom, living room, family room with a little space to move. It does not need to be a large space.
  • Make sure the space does not have distractions at the time class is taking place so you can hear instructors and follow along.
  • When audio is open for questions, make sure you are quiet and listening to questions and answers and not cross talking. Think just like you are in a classroom and need to pay attention to fellow students and instructors.
  • You do not need to wait and ask for permission to use the restroom or get a drink of water. Please do so as needed and return and pickup on what is taking place at that time.

Virtual Class Registration